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Break Free from the programs that hold you back!
Break Free

Break Free.

We grow up learning various programs that our society deem as necessary. Necessary for acceptance, necessary for survival, necessary for existence.

Social, Economic, Political Programs

We have this biological need to fit in and to be connected with others. We can attribute this need to feeling safe, but connection also keeps us alive. We found this out more than ever during the pandemic when we were forced to isolate ourselves. Loneliness is now taking centre stage as the new pandemic. Loneliness has adverse mental and physical health outcomes. A lack of social connection increases heart issues as well as anxiety and depression. I am not speaking of solitude here. Solitude is purposeful, allows for rest, and introspection, balanced by spending time with others.

So if we need connection, how do we fit in without losing ourselves?

Girl trying to find her way in the darkness.

The truth is when you break free from these programs of wanting to be liked, needing to fit in, working for a certain status, working for the nicest car or the perfect house, you find yourself.

You break free by unlearning everything you thought you knew.

Break free from the programming of running on a hamster wheel every day.

Break free from the thinking that keeps you on that wheel.

Go Go Go. Until you can’t anymore.

A mechanical horse running non stop.
Go Go Go

So you wake up.

You ask yourself, what are we doing here?

What is the purpose of life?

More than ever before, in recent memory that is, we are living in a time where social rules, social norms and social values are evolving. We are so blessed to be living in an age of spiritual enlightenment. A time where we can explore our true purpose, when it is more accepted to do so instead of following the pack. Yoga has increased in popularity by 64% since 2010. Yoga is not only a physical practice but one of concentration, breathwork, meditation, and philosophy. A framework that helps us to tap into our parasympathetic nervous system and break free from the noise of the external world to go deeper within ourselves.

Meditating, Inner World, Breathwork, Growth. Chanting
Yoga Life


Focus on what lights you up. What is your soul urging you to do? We are here in this body for a limited time, isn’t it time we started living on earth as it is in heaven? Break free from the job that you are not passionate about. Break free from the idea that you can’t make enough money. Break free from the need to indulge to cope with unpleasant feelings. Break free from the need to numb yourself from your feelings. Use your emotional guidance system to deliberately find what it is that makes you happy. Everyday, intend to find things that bring you joy. “Today, it is my intention to look for things that I enjoy!”

The most selfishly unselfish thing you can do is to show up for yourself.

The truth is when you take the time to wake up and realize who you really are, you begin to love yourself in a whole new way. When you realize what lights you up and you take action to live it, you feel joy. You feel love.

Desires are being illuminated.
Light up

You begin to dig even deeper and find connections everywhere. You are not the mind. You are not the body. You are the One who listens to the thoughts, and feels the sensations of the body.

You are Love.

Love on Fire, love yourself, love others.

The beautiful part is that when you love yourself so fully and completely, you love others. You connect with others. You light others up. We are truly here to love and to connect. To connect to source, to connect to energy. To connect with ONEness.

You are Free.

A bird being released into the evening sky.

You CONNECT by breaking free from the programming that you need to be anything but yourself.

You Belong.

Rewiring the brain.

When you realize what you are, who you are and what you need to do in this lifetime, you CONNECT to others.

It takes courage to break free. It takes courage to feel. It takes courage to change. Rewiring old habits and old thought patterns takes effort. Since we are here to learn and to grow, I think it’s time we choose to learn and grow through love and joy! I encourage you to start small. Just notice your feelings, notice your reactions, notice your thoughts. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Take your power back.

Break Free, realize your true nature.
The Self

Remember to take time for yourself, breathe more deeply, meditate, quiet your mind, live in the present moment and take time in nature. Remember why you are here.

“Because all is well, everything is working out for your highest good and out of these situations, only good will come.” ~ L. Hay

In gratitude,

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Consciousness - Connection - Courage

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2 Kommentare

Hawt Coffee
Hawt Coffee
02. Okt. 2023

Pure joy in reading this post! Much love!

Gefällt mir
Jaime Collins
Jaime Collins
02. Okt. 2023
Antwort an

That fills my heart to know you felt joy, thank you for taking the time to share the love!

In gratitude,


Gefällt mir
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