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At J'aime Reiki & Yoga, we are pleased to offer a variety of Reiki and Yoga services, classes, and retreats at our Novar and Huntsville locations.  Please inquire about private 1:1 or small group classes.  Would you like us to come to your home or cottage?  Please contact us at any time at the bottom of this page, if you have any questions about our services.


The Novar Yoga Loft is situated on 15 acres of forest and a natural creek bed, the goal here is to connect with the energy that resides in all things through Reiki sessions, Yoga classes, and Retreats. We need to get back to nature, back to our roots while connecting on a soul level with others and within ourselves.  During a Reiki session and/or Yoga class, you can expect deep relaxation, self-discovery and healing from within through various holistic modalities such as: meditation, breath-work, forest bathing, smoke cleansing, intention setting, mantra chanting, and an oracle card pull.


A spiritual guide, or healer, or yoga teacher, or coach, or friend can provide a space to tap into your true potential and give space for that divine innate energy to rise up.  However, always remember that you have the ability within you to heal, to grow and to live more peacefully and joyfully. No one knows you better than you!

So claim your power and know you are worthy and you are loved and you are supported in life and here at J'aime Reiki & Yoga. 

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