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Retreat: Why You Need One.

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Read on to find out why, how it can help & enjoy a free gift!

Sometimes it might not be possible to get away on a Yoga Retreat to a tropical location. You still deserve one, and a local three hour retreat might just be the ticket!

🤩 Introducing Lauren from DiscoverTree Holistic Support Services! She is my co-teacher, sister and best friend. We started leading retreats together as we are so connected spiritually and energetically.

It is a pleasure to co-host magical retreats together to share that energy with all of you! We look forward to hosting retreats in Huntsville, Bobcaygeon & more coming soon!

✨ Scroll down to Enjoy this beautiful FREE 20 minute meditation as a gift🎁 from her.

Stress, fear, anxiety and depression are on the rise.

"Medical thinking sees stress as highly disturbing but isolated events such as unemployment, divorce, death of a loved one. These major events are potent sources of stress for many, but there are chronic daily stresses in people's lives that are more insidious and more harmful in their long term biological consequences. Internally generated stresses take their toll without in any way, seeming out of the ordinary." Dr. Gabor Maté

STRESS: We are giving so much of our time to jobs, chores, family, and errands. We just don't stop moving and thinking in this society we have created for ourselves.

How can we slow down in this modern era and stop looking at stress as a necessary facet of our lives?

AS A MOM, how can we justify the need to take time for ourselves when we are so busy taking care of others?

As Gabor Maté further states, it is making women sick, "80% of autoimmune diseases happen to women... as they are compulsively concerned with the emotional needs of others rather than their own." 

Take time, because it is essential for your health.

A retreat resets the nervous system and gives you the tools to implement a self-care routine to live the life you WANT.

It is your divine right to live with joy and ease. In fact, you came here to learn how to do that, to grow and to be happy. Your higher Self wants you to succeed, if you can just slow down long enough to listen.

👇Watch this short video on what our retreat is all about✨

What a day looks like when you can take care of your body and your mind!

At our retreat not only will you deeply relax and heal but you will leave with GIFTS on how to make SELF CARE A ROUTINE & A PRIORITY.

The most selfless thing we can do, ironically is be selfish. When you take time away from work, from stress...when you get off the hamster wheel of go go going, you lean into the parasympathetic mode.

This is the place of healing.

This is the place of awakening.

It is your divine right to live in joy and peace.

It is your divine right to Re-discover your purpose of why you are here.

The way to do this is to slow down.

To listen.

To go inwards.

The greatest adventure you will ever take, is the journey you take within yourself.

When you relax with yoga, breath-work, and meditation, you lean into the rest and digest mode. You calm down, and it feels good.

You have the potential to heal your body and your mind in this state.

This is your innate ability, you were born this way!

This is the place where the magic happens and you need to do it way more often.

Life is about balance.

You can't keep going without adequate rest.

So when you take care of you, you can finally show up fully for others.

We are so looking forward to working with you to rest, heal, release and to connect with your higher self. Whether that is a Reiki session, yoga class, or retreat, we are here for you. We are truly here to support and love one another.

Enjoy this FREE meditation from Lauren. To learn more about the Science of Meditation and it's proven benefits see the blog post here.

In gratitude,

Jaime & Lauren

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