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I find that I am always recommending books that inspire me. So here is a list of some of the books that took me on a spiritual journey that led me to discover my dharma to live with purpose and faith.

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Why are we all here? The fundamental question we end up eventually asking ourselves. It is your divine right to live the life you intend for yourself. Take the journey today!

One Truth. One Law: I Am, I Create.

I stumbled upon this book and immediately felt I needed to read it. We are all psychic in some way, all tethered to our higher selves in the non-physical world. Listening to our intuition (not our minds-it takes some time and practice) is a great gift. Too often we rely on advice from others, without trusting that we have the ability to make decisions fearlessly. This book helped me realize how powerful I really am, how powerful we all are. I felt more capable in accessing my inner voice so I could make my dreams a reality.

The Greatest Secret.

The world went crazy with The Secret! Do you remember it? I reread The Secret one morning three years ago when I woke up and thought I can't keep living like this. There has to be MORE. The Secret made me finally and truly realize that I can choose how I want to live my life instead of just experiencing it.

Similar to the Law of Attraction with Abraham and Jerry and Esther Hicks, where you deliberately intend for every segment of your life. It re-instilled the three concepts of Belief or Desire, Positive Emotion and Expectation as the recipe for success. Chanting affirmations without expectation or emotion is not going to get you very far after a while. The most profound notion mentioned in this book for me, was the Emotional Guidance System. A way to communicate with your higher Self. Your higher Self wants you to succeed and it requires tapping into your emotions.

The Untethered Soul

One of the most profound books for me when it came to confronting the anxiety and fear I had felt for most of my life. I have read it twice so far. With the concept of Oneness circulating much more freely now, this book takes it one step further. Since we are all connected, what are we then? We are NOT our minds or our bodies. Whoa. I know. You can let go of all the fear and shame associated with those thoughts in your head. They are simply a collection of experiences that YOU listen to. If you are not your mind or your body, you are the One who notices them. You cannot witness them and be them at the same time. Liberating.

One of the best ways to read these books is with a Kindle! I find that because I like to read so much, my books are starting to overcrowd my shelves. The space is rapidly becoming so cluttered, overwhelming and disorganized. I am a big fan of less is more. When my physical space is clear, my mind is definitely more calm. Borrowing books from a library is a great option too! I find that I like to keep my books, especially the spiritual ones, and re-read them. Enter the Kindle, an invention worth investing in!

These books will definitely help you explore your inner space, your inward journey. They helped me let go of habits, feelings, concepts that limited my consciousness. I hope that these books help transform the relationship you have with yourself and thus, the world around you. We are here on Earth to learn and to grow. We might as well enjoy the journey and live on earth as it is in Heaven.

In gratitude,

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