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A Flow, A Meditation, Expanding Your Yoga Practice Beyond The Studio!

Look for a meditation, breath-work exercise or yoga class every Friday on my YouTube channel @jaimereikiyoga

  1. Gentle Cool Hatha Flow Yoga

  2. Third Eye Meditation - Ajna Chakra

  3. Throat Meditation - Vishuddha Chakra

  4. Sat Kriya - A great way to set your body and mind up for meditation.

It is so important to share and spread the beauty that is Yoga. I am so excited to share these exercises with you to enhance your healing journey or exploration of your inner Self. This is a creative learning journey for me and I am so grateful for your love and support!

  1. Full Moon Yoga Flow - Any day. Any time.

  • Start with this feminine cool flow to bring more balance and relaxation at this contemplative and energetic time in which you practice acceptance and gratitude for all your blessings and experiences.

  • Follow up with a loving, gratitude meditation, calming your mind and allowing the creative energy to flow through you.

  • Surrender to the present moment and trust that everything is working out for your highest good.

  • Journal about your experiences, any visions, thoughts, memories, sensations or feelings that came up for you.

  • Finally relax, and let go of all fear and embrace all creative possibilities in your life.

2. Third Eye Meditation: With Music (A) & Without (B)

A. With Music

In stillness, you will find your voice.

That voice of your inner Self.

Find peace and love during this meditation so you may connect with the divine!


I awaken to my true potential.

I trust my intuition now.

I am always divinely guided on the right path.

I connect to my inner Self and the energy of source.

2 B. Without Music

3. Throat Chakra Meditation

Nurturing this energy centre allows us to harness the power of our voice so that we can create an outer world that reflects our inner world.

4. Sat Kriya

This 'complete' yoga practice can feel intense as you heat up building energy. Please feel free to let go of rigid expectations and sit comfortably or place your palms at heart centre or open on your lap. This exercise sets the stage for deep relaxation and meditation. Do you find you have better meditations after you exercise?

May you keep exploring your body, mind and soul connections through various forms of Yoga. Honour yourself no matter where you are and find what works for you. Enjoy the journey!


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