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Love Letter to Moms

Moms, New Moms, Experienced Moms, Working Moms,

After having children, you may feel a little isolated. You may wonder who you are.

You may even ask questions such as what is my purpose outside of being a Mom? You've changed.

It's time to rediscover yourself.

Take time for yourself.

You are not alone, we are all in this wild ride together. We are truly here to love, connect, support and grow together.

Step 1: The first step on this journey is just getting out of the house!

Go for a walk, or hike.

Visit the lake, library or coffee shop with a book.

Go for a massage, acupuncture or a Reiki session.

Take a Yoga Class or go to the gym.

Just take time for YOU.

The loving energy you devote to yourself will radiate out to all of those you love.

Much love and gratitude on your spiritual journey towards living the life you intend for yourself.


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