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Breakdown to Breakthrough: Go Free.

You are here to learn and to grow, to be better than the day before. So, you will breakdown to breakthrough.

We needed to get to the bus, but he didn’t want to leave. It was fun playing with his toys. As I settled in to compromise, to reason, to reassure, I felt my frustration growing. After 10 minutes experiencing the emotional intensity I can only relate to perhaps breaking a bone, I cried out in frustration and I knew I was done.

I got home and I cried, I felt shame and guilt for not showing up for him in the best way I know how. I focused on all the things I did wrong and none of the things I did right. I talked badly to myself and suddenly everything in my life felt insurmountable. This doesn’t always happen but some days, one thing triggers you to feel that everything is crashing down.

We have all been there. One of those moments where we hit a valley before or after we hit that peak. They can be huge personal battles or small disagreements with others. Where stress overwhelms us and we make mountains out of molehills. It is part of the journey and oftentimes, it propels us to better things, a better understanding of what we need, want or already have. In the back of your mind, try to remember that the greater the fall, the greater the climb. Life isn’t always 'good', but it isn’t always 'bad' either.

Well we can be grateful for it later, but in the moment, it doesn’t feel so good. So how do we climb?

Our Roommate - Our Mind.

“It seems almost impossible to make any headway directing the subconscious from the conscious, or reasoning mind, as the reasoning mind is limited in its conceptions, and filled with doubts and fears.”


Your overthinking mind is never going to be your way out. Thinking your way out is just more thinking.

First: FEEL. It is uncomfortable, that is ok. Occupying yourself with other tasks pushes the feelings down. You don’t need to hold them in your body or your mind. It doesn’t serve you or others.

Second: Get out of your head and move, breathe or meditate. Keep it simple. No overthinking.

MOVE: Yoga Flows to release tension in the body.

BREATHE: In for 4, out for 4.

MEDITATE: visualize yourself in a blue sky, surrender your thoughts and feelings into a cloud and watch them float away. Silently chanting OM might also be helpful here.

Our True Nature.

Our mind is a collection of experiences that we have accumulated over our lifetime. Our true identity and freedom lies in the understanding that we are not our thoughts, we are the ones who notice them. We cannot possibly be our mind or live in our mind, as we are listening to fear based stories designed to ‘protect us’. We are made of love, light and energy. That is the true nature of our spirit, our soul, the seat of our Highest Self.

Third: Surrender.

When something feels bigger than you or more than you can take or handle…

Ask and it is Given. Jesus said, “Cast thy burden upon the Lord, my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” When something feels overwhelming, when you feel like you have lost your way, remember that you are not alone. Say to yourself: “I cast the burden on the Christ within and I go free.” Surrender to the universe, god, higher power, whatever is true for you in your heart.

I am not a religious person, however I am deeply spiritual. A part of that quality is a deep desire to uncover the truth about our existence through a discovery of a variety of texts, from a variety of avenues. If this resonates with you, wonderful! If it doesn’t, that’s ok. I encourage all of you to take that journey and discover whatever it is that speaks to you.

Time and time again we come up against this notion that we are One. This concept of Oneness transcends from many religious faiths and belief systems.

From the depths of my soul, there is a deep sense of knowing that we are not alone here on Earth. I have questioned this and obsessed about this since I was a child. Just because we can’t see or haven’t had experience with non-physical beings does not mean that they don’t exist. We are just in a different realm, a different dimension to expand our understanding. You have a team of guides and angels at your back that want more than anything to help you. All you have to do is ask. I know this now.

It is liberating and freeing knowing that you don’t have to do this alone, that you can cast the burden on a higher power and release what no longer serves you.

Fourth: Acceptance.

Finally, practice acceptance. Accept that you are human, accept that your experiences will help you grow. Accept that through gratitude and love coupled with tools and strategies, that you can turn that struggle bus around quicker and quicker each time. Talk to yourself like you would a child, or your younger self, or your best friend. If you did, you would never talk down to yourself the way you have been. Forgiveness and understanding that you are doing the best you can with what you know in that particular moment. Show love to yourself and remember, the fact that you feel upset about a situation, that in itself demonstrates your true nature.

It is my sincere wish that we all learn how to enjoy this journey of life. That we live with more joy and ease by recognizing our true nature and our unique purpose (dharma) here in this lifetime.

I am so grateful for you. Yours in community,

*Always reach out to others and know that you are loved, and supported. We need and deserve to live in community with others. Remember, sometimes we need a doctor or a licensed therapist to get back on track to living a happier life. That is not weakness.

That is courage.



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