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Reiki & The Multi-Directional Path to Self Discovery

First off, if anyone tells you that you have evil spirits in you, you have a hex on you, or even a curse on you, walk away. 

If you're still listening and they proceed to tell you that they alone can fix it, and have a ‘cure’ for you, walk away.  

No one should ever take the power away from you.  You are a divine energetic being and more powerful than you may realize!  The power to heal, grow and learn resides within your inner / higher Self. 

A guide, teacher or coach can certainly help you by providing a safe space and a calming environment for you to tap into YOUR OWN INNATE ABILITIES. 

Reiki and Yoga practices such as breath-work, meditation, asana (Restorative Yoga especially in my opinion), allow you to tap into the spiritual side of your true nature.  You can read more about Yoga and Mental Health here and Restorative Yoga here. You can also read more about Trauma, Breakthroughs, Retreats and Freedom and more, at the blog here! As a lifelong learner, and a teacher by trade and by heart, I believe it is imperative to share what we know if it has even the smallest chance of spreading more love in this world and improving one person's life.

Sometimes in fast paced culture, we tend to look for a one time cure, a magic pill, a weekend away or a psychic reading to provide the answers we need to move forward in life. 

“I will finally relax when I get on that plane.”

“If I could just find out what I am supposed to do, I would be happy.”

“If I could do anything other than this job, I’d be happy.”

The truth is you’ll never feel peaceful, joyful or content when you are living in the future. You also can’t move forward if you are stuck in the past, either thinking about how wonderful it was or how you wish you’d done it better. 

Reiki and Yoga have provided a multi-directional path to the same goal, a way to lovingly release the past, let go of the need to control the future, and accept the present moment.

More than that, these self-reflective and self-care practices give you time and space to slow down and simply be. 

Be still.

Be calm. 

Be you. 

You are more than your mind, your body, your experiences, you also have a soul and that requires attention too.

I found Reiki as I was deep in meditation and asking the questions, 

What are we? 

How did we come to be?

How can we heal?

How can we connect?

I kept getting the same one word answer, ‘energy.’ 

So the search continued to find a way to to understand the meaning of life and my purpose in it.  Check out my journey here!

In this short video, I share a little more about the practice of Reiki and what that looks like from my perspective (if you’re more of a reader like me, transcript is below!). 

If you’re curious about energy and healing I’m going to share with you a little more about the practice as I prepare for my sessions this week!

Reiki means spiritually or divinely guided life force energy. It is a beautiful practice that involves channeling the energy that is everywhere. You are made of energy but since you live in the physical realm, in this vehicle you call your body or persona, you tend to perceive mostly through your five senses on a day to day basis. As such energy can get stuck and not flow freely through your subtle body as we call it in our yoga practice - not just simply the chakras. You might notice issues or dis-ease with your physical wellness or mental well-being.

During a session, I tend to feel heat tingles or heaviness in my hands, combined with intuitive messages as I channel this energy.

You might feel warm, tingling physical sensations combined with the need to release physically by moving or emotionally. You will also feel deeply relaxed, peaceful, and divinely supported and guided. It is a great way to connect with source energy, loved ones or guides according to your belief system.


***The goal is to enter into the parasympathetic mode through deeply guided relaxation. In this state, your body knows what to do- thrive, repair, heal, and truly tap into the peace and joy your inner / higher self wants for you! Not just in a session but every day!

You might also experience a guided meditation, breath-work (pranayama practices), oracle cards, smoke clearing,and guidance for your life path.

You are fully clothed, very supported on a massage table with props like pillows, blankets and bolsters. You might feel a gentle touch at times or my hands might need to move. Keep in mind Reiki doesn’t need any touch at all! You should always communicate your preferences.

You are powerful, you know you better than anyone so give yourself time in stillness to heal and connect whatever that looks like for you as there is more than one path!

Reiki and Yoga


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