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How to Have a Stress Free Holiday.

Have a stress free holiday by focusing on Self Care👇

The holidays can be magical. They are a reminder to open up to our spiritual nature, to be grateful for who we are, what we already have and connect with others in community.

This year may you give the gift of time. Of experience. Of love. Of peace. Of connection. May you have less stuff and instead have more time.

I’m not a fan of shopping, or Black Friday but I am so grateful for you!

So here are my gifts to you:

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Thank you to all my family, friends, clients, co-workers, every living being- you are all so loved and I am so grateful to share this journey with you!

May we learn to live on Earth as it is in Heaven.

This phrase keeps coming up for me as a reminder that through our past experiences, we have become programmed to avoid uncomfortable feelings, to work hard so we can play hard.

Living in constant states of stress.

Living in the predictable future based on the programming of our past.

"If I work hard now, I can relax later."

We need to learn that life doesn’t have to be hard if we shift our perspective. The more connected we are to each other and our inner being, the more resilient we become, & the more well-being we experience.

As you learn to deal with stress, you grow stronger. Flexibility creates highly connected minds and bodies. If you improve your mental health, other areas of your life come into balance too, work, finances, relationships, and physical health.

In the NOW, as opposed to the future.

If you put all of your energy in the now, you have all of your energy for every moment of your life.

Life in general can be a wild ride. Parenting specifically, has definitely made me a better person. It continues to make me want to be a better human. Parenting has highlighted my failures and my strengths.

Every up and down, I ask myself what is my lesson?

By asking myself this when I struggle, when I feel overwhelmed, when I feel stressed, when I feel shameful, when I feel sad, or when I feel angry, it helps me to realize and remember that I am still HUMAN, having a human experience.

We are all exactly where we need to be right now, all of us - all of our dirt - all of our light. We are all here for a reason.


We grow. We forgive. We learn.

And we keep trying.

It has also made me realize that I need, and I deserve to take time for myself too. Living in fight or flight mode, feeling guilt, shame or resentment doesn’t serve me. It certainly doesn't serve my loved ones.

They need me now.

I need me now.

I can shift my perspective, rewrite my story and focus on good feeling thoughts and emotions. That way, when I am learning my lessons, I can do so with more joy and ease.

I can meditate, I can breathe, I can move. I can retreat. I can heal. I can love.

The best thing I can do is focus on my inner work so my outer being radiates that love and gratitude.

You are Free.

The inner essence of yourself is love.

Love creates feelings of wholeness.

With wholeness, we feel spacious.

In this space we become balanced.

This balanced energy creates wellness.

You are Free.

~Inspired by the Father of Reiki, Mikao Usui.

Have a stress free holiday by focusing on self-care.

Let's Break Free together.

Yours in community,

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Certified Reiki III Practitioner

Certified Yoga Teacher - 200

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